Shelley S.

Alex is a wonderful teacher. He teaches you everything you need to know about the guitar. How to tune it, string it and all the basics
He will let you work on any song you want. He teaches you the chords so you understand them
He also taught me picking and other variations to play something then just the normal chord.He is also reasonably priced and will also give you a discount if you pay in bulk. He is also patient and easy to talk to.Learn the guitar from Alex you won't be sorry!

Jordan G.

I had been playing for about 6 years before i took lessons from alex. I was at a wall in my playing and I really needed a better foundation.  alex not only taught me music theory/ voice leading/ lead sheets/ inside playing but a variety of advanced metal techniques such as sweeping, tapping and string skipping.  he taught me the modes and how to utilize the whole neck and most importantly he taught me how to really develop my ear and make me a self sufficient musician. we covered a variety of styles including rock, blues, jazz and funk.  he helps bridge the gap between technical virtuosity and choosing the necessary notes and really making art out of your playing. his prices are decent and he is not just a teacher but a friend. he really committed himself to making sure i had a strong understanding of everything he taught me.

Alan J.

I've known Alex Raykin for a very long time, and his overall Guitar skills are unimaginable, if you want to learn something and learn it well, I highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning to play the guitar, and just overall music, on top of it, he is very nice, generous, educated and goes all out, and has a huge passion in teaching music, and will spend the time to make sure you get it right, right down to the very last note. HE IS AWESOME!!!!

David V.

With the advent of YouTube and online sheet music, one might wonder why anyone would need a guitar teacher anymore. Indeed, I spent over 7 years teaching myself how to play guitar, assuming that instruction would be a waste of money and time.

I saw an ad online for Alex, who performs in the progressive metal band Infinite Spectrum. This ad piqued my interest, and I contacted him through his website that night. He responded the next morning! 

Despite his practice and performance schedule, Alex seems really flexible with time, and his instruction is priceless. I had already spent $75 per hour on a piano teacher so his prices were far far better than anything I had expected. Alex is so down to earth and wants to see YOU succeed -- in my last lesson, I think we went 30 minutes over our scheduled time because we were both so invested in guitar discussion and so engaged with music.

Again, Alex wants to see YOU succeed. He is helping me fill gaps in my playing, and is making sure that I achieve my personal goals. He doesn't just throw sheet music at you or boring technical B.S.; rather, Alex helps you progress on your own path. He has also shown me how to meditate in order to improve my daily lifestyle. That might be overreaching for a guitar teacher, but I believe that Alex is a natural people-person who wishes only to better everyone around him.

You CANNOT GO WRONG with Alex. In fact, you'll be so happy that you picked him. I'm super excited to continue unlocking the secrets of the six-string, and you will be too.

Matt B.

In my late 40's and with no music training whatsoever, I decided to take up guitar.  I found Alex's profile and decided to give him a try.  I have had about a dozen lessons so far.  He is an amazing guitarist, teacher, composer, and engineer.  And better than all of that, he is just a fun guy to sit with and learn guitar for an hour.  He has a wide breadth of music and non-music interests and skills, and that shows in his ability to teach.  Check out his videos to see what I mean.

Alex Raykin is an extremely talented, creative, brilliant guitarist, teacher, and motivator. He's also a very down to earth, compassionate, humorous, and charismatic personality. I highly recommend him,

Rick R.

Alex is an excellent private instructor. He doesn't only teach you the basics but by speaking with him you feel the passion he has for the music he is instructing and that is really a rare find. He makes sure you really understand every aspect of what you are learning and has an amazing amount of patience. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to increase their talent or want to REALLY learn how to play the guitar.

Lynda A.

I've met with ALEX and he's more than just a private guitar instructor. He's also a composer and audio engineer; so he's able to mentor students in multiple areas. I'm also aware of his work with his band and other musical collaborators. The dexterity and prowess he shows at all times is the reason I recommend his lessons to any & everyone.

Josh K.

Alex is a great player with a lot to offer. Any student at any level can benefit from taking classes with Alex. Besides great knowledge he also offers great discipline and support to get you to reach you musical goals. \m/

Mike P.

Alex is armed with not only fantastic guitar skills, but with a wealth of information to help consistently improve you as a guitarist. In NYC, you can find guitar teachers on every block, but pretty rarely do you find someone who can not only demonstrate what they teach, but also teach with a lot of passion. Book with Alex.

Stan E.

I'm lucky enough to work this guy on a regular basis, and I couldn't possibly ask for a more talented, dedicated guitarist. If you want to learn guitar, this is your guy.

Alex R.

Extremely passionate about music, learning and life. Not only will he help you excel in music but will also help you grow as a person.

Eugene G.

Love This guy, he's not only a guitar teacher, he's a great friend. Check Him Out!!!!!

Patrick K.

I only took like maybe 3 lessons with this guy since he was a little out of my way but he is thorough, super talented and makes you feel comfortable and like you can achieve anything you want! Great guitar instructor in my opinion!

Mauricio G.

Guitar skills are off the charts, and can relate to the student on a personal level. Once the lesson is finished I can't wait to go home and play some more thanks to Alex. Has plenty of tech available and can be reached via messenger at anytime. If you are thinking of starting guitwr don't hesiehesto start playing with Alex.

Arthur S.


awesome guitar teacher! you learn a lot :) he can answer any question you have about guitars and has his own band that he works very hard on :)

Vadim K.



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