Alex Raykin is an inspired musician, guitar instructor, composer, and audio engineer as well as a certified health coach specializing in nutrition, physical training and behavioral modification. He's especially passionate about and knowledgeable in working with creative people such as musicians, artists, and others.

Besides his degrees in music, performing arts and audio, Alex has read countless books over the past decade to develop himself personally and gain a deeper understanding of a person's overall health. The books ranged the following topics: psychology & behavior modification, nuero-linguistic programming, finance, sales, investing, time management, marketing, history, philosophy, science, nutrition, bodybuilding & powerlifting, spirituality & metaphysics, memory, sexual attraction & marriage counseling, public speaking and even conversation. Although he felt quite confident with his knowledge, he decided it would be wise of him to secure an accreditation as an ACE Certified Health Coach.

I made it my mission to spread the knowledge of healthy living to the creative community as a whole. I work tirelessly to find the best methods of strengthening and reinforcing our health, so that with just a few small adjustments, you can do what you love, with whom you love, the way you love to do it, for as long as you wish to do it!

Over the years, Alex has shared his insights with a growing community of creative people, as well as his own friends, family and colleagues. The areas in which he has facilitated change have included nutrition, exercise, behavioral change, creativity, mindfulness, personal finances and time-management among others. He is very passionate and dedicated to creating lasting results.

Alex began teaching guitar just a half a year after starting to play it at age sixteen. By this point, having taught people for well over a decade, he has developed a philosophy and style of teaching to be more of a facilitator rather than a lecturer. Having taught himself guitar, he developed a strong belief in establishing self-efficacy in all of his instruction. He teaches the core principles behind the techniques, so that they can be adopted and internalized, giving his students the ability to help others do the same. 

I always knew that I would be a musician. In fact, it was quite inevitable! Music has always evoked a special feeling in me. Quite early on I resolved to grow up able to help others feel that way as well.

Music played a key role in Alex's upbringing. Listening and eventually performing music served as a pleasing passtime, and equally as a platform to vent his teenage frustrations. Much of his early musical influences were video game composers, such as Nobuo Uematsu.

After being involved in a few projects early in his career, Alex had arrived at a particular vision for his music and had co-founded Infinite Spectrum, a progressive metal group, with bassist Alex Repetti back in college. He currently has a roster of guitar students as well as artist health coaching clients. Working tirelessly to serve the creative community, he is constantly working on free content through his blogs, interviews, YouTube videos, and motivational quotes on Instagram. He is currently writing a full length book addressing all aspects of an artist's health.