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what motivated me to become an artist health coach

what motivated me to become an artist health coach

I started teaching guitar and musicianship to people when I was 16 years old. Back then, I was just getting the gist of teaching, really concentrating on just having the students practice basic exercises and return the next week having mastered, or at least improved on them somewhat. As my patience, personal musicianship, and teaching ability improved, I began seeing patterns in people’s issues that I was addressing. The problems ranged from poor motivation or self esteem, writers block, to physical issues that caused the students pain, discomfort or the need to stop playing altogether…

As I went through a personal transformation physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually after discovering and studying self development since my early 20’s, I had begun seeing many of the same issues in my students that I was overcoming. I had noticed from general conversations with my students that their beliefs about their own ability to succeed was perhaps the biggest factor in their success, and the speed of their development. I further found correlations between the physical health of the individual, and the rate and level of their advancement on the guitar and as creative professionals; leaner students simply performed better!

3 years ago, after 10 years of teaching I had started to think about the students’ long term development, not only in the moment, but how the rest of their career would play out. I realized for an artist to keep on their craft for life, there needs to be certain habits, practices and rituals in place that most of us don’t take too seriously or even into consideration. Furthermore, many of these artists are so consumed by their muse, by their vocations and avocations, that implementing a holistic artist health regimen themselves would be a pretty daunting task.

It was at the end of 2013 that I had heard someone say that its easier to be one of the best at something no one else is really doing. So I thought to myself… “What can I teach that is unique to my knowledge?” And it hit me! I can help (teach, as I now have experience doing) creative people (rather than just guitar players) improve and maximize the longevity of their creative output and support a healthy life behind the scenes. Thats where “Artist Health Coaching” was born. I now help creative people design a life of abundance with a specialized diet & exercise program, and train habits to improve relationships, finances, and overall well-being and longevity—ultimately becoming the purest vessel for their art form to express itself to the world.

As for purpose, I believe we are at a crossroads of a health consciousness movement. I want to take an active role in representing the creative professional in that movement. Now I have pursued certification as a health coach and I'm practicing professionally. I feel like having learned what I have, as well as being passionate toward music and other artforms, I have a responsibility to contribute to the world in a way that informs, and transforms the sickly “Starving Artist” into the abundant “Thriving Artist”.