After teaching guitar and music theory to students of all ages, but mostly teens for 15 years, along with creating several other sources of income and reading many books on related topics, I was offered the opportunity to coach a young teen on how to tame what she loves to do and is particularly gifted at, and share it with the world. The plan was to take what it was she was already doing, refine it, and present it to the world through social media and eventually create products and services that she can offer passively and actively in exchange for profits.

In my early adult years, I had come to quickly realize that earning a living, much less a good one, would be a challenge given my chosen vocation—or at least the way I was approaching it. My naive late teenage mind flung steadfastly into a world where value was rewarded but without a clue of how I can make my band’s efforts lucrative, much less my own...

Eventually reality hit me like a ton of bricks. Would being in school for music magically grant me my dream career? I considered audio engineering, film composition, teaching music in university, even audiology. (the latter dropped off quickly after realizing my day would pretty much consist of looking into elderly ears all day) I had no idea where I’d end up. In fact, I still don’t! I only know that after going through and learning all I have so far, that things will be just fine no matter what life throws my way or I decide to do in the future.

One thing I realized, and put into a few great words by the late great Jim Rohn is that, “profits are better than wages.” If I was going to make the kind of money that would afford me to live freely, travel, and take care of my family on my terms, it would have to consist mostly of passive income along with active income from doing things I’m passionate about and earn a lot of money in little time. It has been long clear to me that a 9-5 is not what I am cut out for.

Another reason and motivation for taking the risky leap into such a life is that I can really add value to the world in the ways which I am unique qualified and inspired to do, which is the whole point of life. No? On risk, I feel that is more risky to have lived a life uninspired and to be resentful for the haves of others, whom you know deep inside are not any better than you! Why it may bother you that another is doing better than you is, on a deep level, you know you could have done as well as or better than them if you actually applied yourself with this one life you are given.

So make a plan. Read the books. Learn the skills. Learn the skills of learning the skills. (metaskills such as speed reading, meditation) Stop putting life on hold or living in a way that won’t get you what you really want!

P.S. I have a passion for teaching this stuff to teens. If you, or someone you care about has, or is a teen who will benefit from a nudge in the above direction, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m not too hard to reach... for now.